With the help of Tony Goetz being known to be in refinery business for a longer period of time. AGOR Precious Metals deals a comprehensive variety of services associated to the processing of and trading in precious metals, as well as the refining, assay and buying of all precious metals, both high grade metals, such as mine gold, scrap jewelry, dental metal residues, and low grade metals as can be found in sweeps, etc. 

AGOR Precious Metals is also doing hedging a method of reducing the risk of loss caused by price fluctuation. It consists of the purchase or sale of equal quantities of the same or very similar commodities in two different markets at approximately the same time, with the expectation that a future change in price in one market will be offset by an opposite change in the other market.

Precious Metal Refining

Gold | Silver | Platinum | Palladium | Detal Scrap We have the experience & expertise to make the precious metals recycling process efficient and safe, with high performance standards, to best serve our customers.

Precious Metal Assaying

We are a full-service lab capable of providing analytical services using Fire Assay, ICP-AES, ICP-MS, X-Ray Fluorescence, X-Ray Diffraction, CHS, IC, and our recently acquired Scanning Electron Microscope.


AGOR Precious Metals can support you efficiently in all your precious metals related needs. Please contact our sales department with any questions or requests for quotation or service.

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